Welcome to the Samvid Group

Samvid is derived from ancient Indian Sanskrit language which means Knowledge.

Pyramids have always known to be the Zenith of Architectural Marvel and at the centre of the harmonious pyramids lay Knowledge which is SAMVID. 

The knowledge radiates positive energy in all directions transmitting out particularly the 5 Ps of Samvid Group; known as the VISION of 5 Ps. Knowledge being the intermediary, the 5 Ps are strongly bound together in an accord. 

Samvid Group is the trusted name in Mumbai’s real estate industry. Starting from Neral, Karjat and Panvel, Samvid Group; the fastest growing infra-real estate developers in Mumbai are now growing their boundaries across the city.

With their latest engineering technologies, bold and comfortable designs, Samvid Group is creating landmark residential townships in Mumbai city and on the outskirts. And within short period of time they have completed skyscraping projects under affordable housing rates.

Delivering excellence, Samvid Group is driven by Visionary Mr. Birendrra Yadav, Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadav, Mr. Sunil Yadav and Mr. Atif Islam. With great visions of bringing in whole new lifestyle culture, the honest and core mission Yadav Brothers have adopted over these years is to be “Your Trusted Housing Partner”. With a cutting edge vision, Mr. Birendrra Yadav has always delivered excellence in constructing living spaces at reasonable and affordable prices keeping in mind the basic necessities of today’s global world.


Quality is the prime focus of Samvid Group. So when it comes to quality, it becomes our priority. Expertise, teamwork, professionalism and supremacy are the Benchmarks of Samvid Group. Buying a property at Samvid is just as buying the perfection. We don’t provide just 4 walls with outstanding interiors to accommodate; we build homes which are filled with happiness and positivity.


Over the last few years every satisfied customer has been a huge success story for us. Understanding customer’s sociological as well as psychological needs and providing an ideal Community Experience has always been an exciting task for us. Along with its completion, we develop trust and a relation with our customers. And this process has always been the key to our innovative concepts.


Our approach is to dynamically study the changing society and inventing brand new designs and creations that always are trendy and unique hence, ultimately providing all the latest amenities.


The Vision of 5 Ps


Providing a Healthy Space for Healthy Mindsets where people can come together and promote the common cause of comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. We follow the motto of encouraging the employees to get the best out of their skills.


Guiding the employees build a strong personal portfolio and ultimately building a stronger portfolio of quality construction projects that fulfill people’s desires and needs.


Nurturing a winning network of customers and suppliers since ages, together we believe in creating mutual and enduring values. We believe in bestowing Homes instead of just Houses and bringing out lifestyle trends that offer more than just outstanding interior and architecture to live in.


We promote “Go Green” in today’s globalizing world and being a responsible citizen is the first personal step one can take. Hence, we have been constantly providing and endorsing Sustainable Communities with modernized eco-friendly technologies and housing facilities.


With this vision incorporated in everything we do, we at Samvid take the responsibility to raise new world that brings fulfillment to life and will further continue creating a better experience in every aspect of life.


The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) initiates and monitors the key projects for developing new growth centers and real estates and also focuses on improving multiple sectors like commute, housing, water supplies. MMRDA is also responsible for maintaining green zones and environment in the regions.


Today’s developing India is actually developing in all the terms. In case of Real Estate and Properties, the constructers and architectures have brought into picture a whole new methods and designs. Mumbai, the most vibrant city of India; along with its outskirt regions offers such extravagant real estate facilities and housing cooperation.

On outskirts of Mumbai two such places lie called as Karjat and Neral .


Karjat is the fastest growing and most livable place on the outskirts of Mumbai. It is known for its Green and Pollution free environment, relaxed and Multi-cultural lifestyle, with affordable. The proximity has Up-coming International Airport and Nhava-Seva Sea Port and many more projects are being executed.


Neral a center between Mumbai and Pune, is basically a town in Raigad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Along with Karjat, Neral is also one of the fastest growing cities and falls under the MMRDA development zone for widespread and varied topography.
Neral is known for its scenic panoramas, resorts, training centers, boarding schools and colleges.

On going Project

Mount Ville

Mount Ville is an exclusive 1 & 2 BHK Residential Project by Samvid Group situated in Karjat.

Karjat is a scenic city situated on the outskirts of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The lush green vicinity has attracted many foreign investments due to Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This up and coming city is hence the ideal location for one’s dream house.

Mount Ville; the stilt +4 storey building project is an exceptionally designed modern Architecture which perfectly blends luxury and lifestyles.